Psychic and Medium

Darlene Vieira was born with the Veil, an announcement of her psychic gift inherited from a long line of psychic Cape Verdean ancestors, a culture well known for their power of psychic phenomena. Darlene has been a practicing psychic professional for over 30 years. She is a Medium who is also clairvoyant and clairaudient. As a Medium, Darlene provides advice to remove negative energy from your life and to provide positive life direction, and information to increase self-awareness, including advice on careers, romance, relationships, and self improvement. With her gift, Darlene is able to visit past lives to advise on release of old patterns to clear blockages in your chakras for positive energy in your present life.

Over 17 years ago, Darlene was chosen by the Angels as a Messenger and brings their help into each reading, along with communications from family or friends from the other side for loving support and direction for you in this world.

Darlene works with the blessings of the Angels, the Blessed Mother Mary, and Kuan Yin. She is truly gifted and her consultations are very specific and extremely accurate, with names and details. Confidentiality is well respected.

As a Psychic Professional, Darlene has worked At Regina Russell’s Tearoom in Quincy, the Goddess’ Treasure Chest, The Hearth, the Season of Salem, and the Fool’s Mansion in Salem, the Onset Spiritual Church in Onset, and Four Winds Solstice Center in Sandwich, Massachusetts, and the Tea and Herb Essence and Aloha Experience in Newport, Rhode Island.

Darlene is regularly featured at many corporate events from the Hudson River Cruises to radio stations in northern Massachusetts. In addition, Darlene can be spotted at events, psychic fairs, and fashion shows, such as those sponsored by Macys and Filenes, across Massachusetts and New Hampshire, as well as being “The Star of the Show” at events sponsored by Christian Dior, Calvin Klein and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Darlene has many satisfied private clients and is available for private readings, corporate events, private parties, as well as telephone readings, and is available for travel.

Let Me Help You Navigate Your Future….

Please contact Darlene Vieira directly by cell at 508-245-9751
or via email at psychicdarlene@gmail.com



Phone Readings

Phone Readings Spot $140.00 30 Minutes any additional 10 min $40.00

Crystal Ball Reading

Cystal ball readings $150.00 For 30 min

Palm Readings

Palm Reading $75.00 up to $145.0 Either in person or send picture of palm

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards over phone or in person $135.00 For 30 minutes

House Blessings

House Blessing $100.00 Up to $300.00 Depending on square feet

Spiritual Healing

Spirtual Healing $150.00 Connect with your angels, Angel readings For 30min any additional 40.00. Reike master 3 and healings and Attunements.

Phone Readings 30 Minutes

 Additional Minutes

Palm Readings Basic

 Palm Readings Basic for $75

House Blessings Starter

  House Blessings Starter

Spiritual Healing 30 Minutes

 Additional Minutes


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